Board of Directors and Volunteer Staff

These people offer their efforts and time in service to our pagan community.  All Albuquerque Pagan Pride positions are volunteer.



Deborah Dapson (Corvina Brighid)
Event Coordinator and President

Deborah owns Copper Moon Media, a website design/management and graphic arts company. Her expertise lies in website creation and management, illustration and branding.  Deborah is emeritis high priestess of a local coven; she coordinated Pagan Pride Day, volunteers often for Pagan events and has coordinated other large Pagan events in Albuquerque including the four-day, workshop filled, camping event Magickal Mountain Mabon twice.

Michelle Cassella Saro
Board Secretary

Michelle brings excellent experience and lots of heart to our community. She coordinated Pagan Pride Day 2004 though 2010.


Jim Heyser
Board Treasurer

Long time member of Pagan and Wiccan communities in Northern New Mexico. Solitary member of Covenant of the Goddess along with wife Madeleine. Both of us practice the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca. Owner of Cinnamon Dazzle Clothing and Jewelry since 2004. Selling eclectic items with magickal and Pagan themes. Worked and lived in Los Alamos as a biologist and chemist for 20 years. Now retired and living in Albuquerque.



Mona Stipe
Program Booklet  and Performing Arts Coordinator

Mona has been actively involved with Pagan Pride for the last 8 years. She has coordinated and co-coordinated other local pagan events including the SWEFA Beltane celebration. She is always available to lend a helping hand to our community. She is currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University finishing her B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Graphic Design.

Jejessesse Coyote
Merchant Coordinator

Jesse Coyote has been creating his sterling silver designs since 1990 when he started his business, Coyote Tales Symbol Makers. He has also been the merchant coordinator for several public events including Pagan Spirit Gathering, Magical Mountain Mabon and various others.

diana-mDiana Mallea – Food Truck Coordinator

Diana Mallea has been Vending in the Pagan community since 2006. Her business, Ye Ole Kitchen Witch, can be experienced at local growers markets and various events around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Diana has coordinated merchants at local Pagan events.

Danny Mallea  – Performance Area Stage Hand

Danny Mallea retired as an AV Producer with over thirty years’ experience and is creator and crafter of Fly-by-night besoms. He has served as sound technician and talent coordinator for Pagan Pride Day.



Daniel Lindenmuth – Security
Fundraising Volunteer

I am PPD volunteer helping with set-up, security, and this year trying to help with some fund raising. I am an eclectic witch of mostly solitary study. Studies include kitchen witchcraft, earth magic, green witchcraft, Celtic Magick, shamanism, Tarot and other divination methods, Thelema, chaos magic, and more. I have considered myself pagan and a witch since my mid teens, so a little over 20yrs. I am happy to be a part of the PPD team.


Tara O’Mahoney – Kids Korner

Patrice Durkin – Fundraising Coordinator

Boann – Volunteer Lunch Event Day

Tim Hercules – Security Coordinator

Beverly Wade – Raffle and Artisan Gallery Coordinator

Keath Lewis – Site Coordinator
Food Pantry Liaison

Keath became a avid southern Baptist when his mother forced him to go because she prayed for his baby sister’s life and she lived. He left the southern Baptist church community and Christian philosophy when as chairman of the deacon board (the highest position in the Baptist church other than minister) the church disbanded when the pastor announced he was going to liquidate the church and move it into a larger church, the yelling and arguing was shocking. In 1995 Keath met Violet Cassandra, a Thelemic princess where after 7 years of study with her he was awarded with a certification as a Thelemic Ceremonial High Priest. April 6th 2002 he became a rune master and vitki as part of Wood harrow under Emir Drighten Edred Thorssen. In 2005 eclectic Priestess Prudence Priest anointed Keath a Godi in the American Vinland Association. Keath is certified as a ghost hunter with the New Mexico Paranormal Association, A advanced pranic healing and psychotherapist under master Choa  Kok  Sui.  As a award winning theater arts professor he has taught college classes in scenic painting and carpentry for productions as complex as, and including  the crucible, Merry Wives of Windsor, and Three Penny opera. Currently he has a very small business called Paranormal Occult Inc, and referral and research information service for the non-magik and magik community.

Maribeth St.Cyr – Healing Circle

Raven Starr – Non-profit Coordinator, Media Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator

A background in geology led to a love affair with our glorious blue ball of an earthly home. As a member of various Pagan communities over the last 30 years I have been involved with coven/Pagan church leadership, Pagan education and outreach (including with law enforcement agencies), interfaith work, wildlife rehab, leading Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans chapters, and wrangling the Coyote Willow CUUPS booth for ABQ PPD. Additionally, I served as Media Coordinator for Pagan Pride Day in 2016.

Cat Corvo – Non-Profit Consultant

Cat Corva is the mistress of the “mothership,” (also known as Earth Futures).  Earth Futures is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization that serves as the home base for several projects working on behalf of New Mexico’s communities and the environment.  As an active part of its mission, the organization assists other community groups and organizations with the process of becoming a nonprofit, nonprofit administration, and maintaining nonprofit status.

In her ritual life, Ms Corva is a Solitary Natural or Green witch.  She has been attending community events in the Middle Rio Grande area since 1995.  With the rest of her time she herds cats—lots of cats.


Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day

Sunday, September 30, 2018, 9am-5PM, Bataan Park near Carlisle on Lomas Blvd