For our Merchants

Merry Meet Pagankin!
It is with deep sadness that we cancel this year’s event due to the resurgence of the coronavirus.
As the park is an open area, there is no feasible way that we can require vaccinations or masking, and we are unwilling to risk the health of our community in any way.
We are working on other ways to reach out to our fellow pagans during this time and really appreciate your understanding and involvement in any alternative plans.
All our merchants who registered will be offered the choice of a full refund or to be able to hold their spot for the next PPD with no cost increase. We will be putting out a merchant guide of those who registered, as well as the non-profits/groups for the community’s reference.
Our focus now is to offer support the First Unitarian Church Food Bank, the charity that Pagan Pride has supported with 800-1000 pds of food and cash donations yearly for the past sixteen years. We hold the greatest hope that our community continues to support those in Albuquerque who have a need, in the spirit of abundance and love.
Pagan Pride Day is an integral part of our community and we are all eager for this pandemic to end so we can once again gather in the love of our Gods to celebrate their abundance. We will be back again when it is safe!

Greetings to All, This year Pagan Pride Day (PPD) will be on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at Bataan Park in Albuquerque, NM. As in the past we have obtained an event permit from the City of Albuquerque, which means we will have to comply with all city regulations. Along with the merchant application you will find the booth-layout form, fill it out and send it along with your filled out application. Please be sure to sign your form, the Fire Marshal’s office will not accept unsigned or electronically signed forms. We have also added a list of sponsorship opportunities for you to consider.

Download our packet with link below.


PPD will feature workshops, merchants, games, a labyrinth, belly dance/gypsy camp, artisan gallery, performance area, and many other fun events. As in previous years we are asking that the public donate a nonperishable food item and support our Harvest Food Drive for the First Unitarian Church’s Food pantry here in Albuquerque.Through the efforts of many, this event has grown to over 150 participants and crowds of over 1,000 people. Thank you for your interest in Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day. This event has rapidly grown each year and we expect record attendance again for this year. The Pagan Pride Coordinating Committee has limited the number of commercial merchants, which was sold out in 2012. This limit does not apply to nonprofit organizations. The theme for 2019 is Community. Merchants should make a reasonable effort to dress in themed outfits and decorate their booths to reflect this theme.