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Merry Meet Pagankin!
It is with deep sadness that we cancel this year’s 2021 event due to the resurgence of the coronavirus.
As the park is an open area, there is no feasible way that we can require vaccinations or masking, and we are unwilling to risk the health of our community in any way.
We are working on other ways to reach out to our fellow pagans during this time and really appreciate your understanding and involvement in any alternative plans.
All our merchants who registered will be offered the choice of a full refund or to be able to hold their spot for the next PPD with no cost increase. We will be putting out a merchant guide of those who registered, as well as the non-profits/groups for the community’s reference.
Our focus now is to offer support the First Unitarian Church Food Bank, the charity that Pagan Pride has supported with 800-1000 pds of food and cash donations yearly for the past sixteen years. We hold the greatest hope that our community continues to support those in Albuquerque who have a need, in the spirit of abundance and love.
Pagan Pride Day is an integral part of our community and we are all eager for this pandemic to end so we can once again gather in the love of our Gods to celebrate their abundance. We will be back again when it is safe!


Non-Profit Organizations – Booth – Information and Fun Information, information, information.  Want to learn more about a specific magical practice?  Do you have many questions about what divinity may mean to a practicing pagan?  Well, you will find all of your answers here so please stop by and bring the best questions you can.  Please complete the booth-layout form included in the application. We cannot accept applications without a completed boot-layout form–you must sign the all forms.. We have also added a list of sponsorship opportunities for your consideration. Non-Profit Booths fun scavenger hunt with prizes. Altar Contest- Play the Scavenger Hunt and vote for the best Altar.

Download our application from the link below.

PPD Non Profit Application 2021

Past Non-Profit Booths

CUUPS – Coyote Willow CUUPS – Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.  All non-perishable food collected  will be donated to First Unitarian Church Food Pantry. More information [rule] awen CAULDRON OF AWEN – More information   [rule] PPD06 COG BOOTH CHAMISA LOCAL COUNCIL COG-Covenant of the Goddess.  More information [rule]   PPD2009 055ARDANTANE– A pagan learning center More information [rule]   CASHEw/SWEFApentacle – Children’s Astral Sanctuary of Healing Earth Wisdom  / SouthWest Earth Festival Assn. More information   [rule] icon3Heathen Council of NM More information   [rule] icon3Rosicrucian Order More information   [rule] aaDancing the Goddess Within More information   [rule] icon3UNM PSG – University of NM Pagan Students   [rule] icon3Sandia Mountain Protogrove, ADF   [rule] icon3UUWC Moonspirit CUUPS (RR) More information   [rule] And a special thank you to icon3SMHS – Silver Moon Health Services [rule]If you are interested in bringing your local non-profit booth to introduce yourselves, please contact us at