Peformance Area

Performance Area

Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day is part of the national Pagan Pride Project dedicated to education, community service and a celebration of the harvest abundance. The heart of the event is to collect food donations for the First Unitarian Church food bank in Albuquerque. Thanks to the many volunteers, merchants, and a talented and sharing community, our PPD has grown to be the biggest pagan event here in NM with 1,000 attendees and over 100 participants.

Two years ago we created a “Performing Arts” area to spotlight the many musicians in the pagan community and offer a space for them to share their musical talent through voice, instrument and dance. The response from the public and our community was immediately enthusiastic and left everyone wanting more! In their reviews included suggestions of artists they would want to see, and *you* were among them. It would be our great pleasure to host you in our Performing Arts area.

PPD is a non-profit event that does not charge admission, so our budget is small. All who perform, conduct workshops, create rituals and other wondrous things for our event do so as volunteers. The Magick and love woven at our event is powerful, and the connection so pliable that our committee feels this for most performers would make their experience here a deeply profound one. On the mundane side, we do offer a shared booth that is manned by a PPD staff member where you can display CD’s, merchandise, etc. Other arrangements such as house concerts right before or after our event, or other ideas that can help defray any expenses can certainly be discussed and worked out with our PPD committee.

The Performing Arts area is also blessed to have an experienced stage manager to run our area the day of the event. We will coordinate the set up and tear down of the performances, outdoor acoustics and any special technical needs of our performers. We have a sound system for the amplification of voice only. As well as a booth to sell your merchandise, there will be a tent and refreshment table available for the comfort of our performers. **offer lunch?

We thank you for your contribution of the beautiful pagan music/songs/dance that you already grace our community with, and appreciate your consideration of our heartfelt invitation. If you are interested in attending our event, please feel free to contact us.

Performing Arts Co-Coordinator

We welcome local artists to perform at our event.